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I really enjoy meeting people and introducing them to the fun and accessibility of coloured pencils and because of this I have travelled to some beautiful parts of the UK and met some wonderful people.
I have done short talks for WI groups and loger talks for Art Groups, its a great way to get an introduction to coloured pencil.

One of my visits was to a very friendly art group in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, they really enjoyed themselves and this is what they said :-

Hi Jo, we just want to thank you for the wonderful workshop you held for us. We are all fired up to get some serious coloured pencil artwork done. We all enjoyed our time with you both at the evening tak and the all day workshop. We hope that you enjoyed your time in Lewis. We also hope that we can do this again next year if you are coming to Lewis.
Many, many thanks,
Rose Hipson

If you would like to talk to me about visiting your group then please ring me on 07970 520737 or email me at jo@colouredpencilart.co.uk

Sometimes it is better to watch how an artist works to better understand how things are done. To this end I offer workshops in coloured pencil for beginners.

A workshop would include :-

Quick chat on different types of pencil, paper and other useful things to know to get you started.
Getting familiar with your pencils, what strokes to use, how to blend and burnish
Simple still life to get you going, applying colour and finding your technique
Working on coloured paper, how it effects your pencils

I am happy to travel depending on the distance of the venue. If you would be interested in this please email me at jo@colouredpencilart.co.uk to discuss cost and availability.

For a full day workshop I charge around £100 plus fuel depending on distance.

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