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Web Site Design
For the last 10 years I have worked as a web designer both with a high profile company then freelance.
I am often asked about the cost and complexity of setting up a site and I do my best to make things as clear as possible.

A lot of artists are now seeing this as a way of reaching a bigger audience but many are put off with the technical aspect of this. Because of my background in web design I find I am now being asked to do web sites for them.

I can also arrange purchase of web domain names and hosting for your site if you are not sure what you need to do to get your site online.

For around £150 I can purchase a domain name, arrange for your site to be hosted and design an individual and unique site for you with 4 - 5 pages and email address. Template sites may be cheaper but they don't look as professional or individual.

If you are interested in this service or would like to chat about options please ring me on 07970 520737 or email me at jo@colouredpencilart.co.uk

This site is my own design and construction and you can see others I have done below :-

Will Swindlehurst - Pen and ink Artist

Will Swindlehurst lives in Cheshire, England and works with a number of groups/societies in the region.

Much of my work has been produced using pen/ink and monochrome pencil. More recently I have been incorporating watercolour into linework and experimenting with a more dynamic line style, as typified by sketchwork.

For a look at the whole site visit :-

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Kay Rees Davies SBA - Botanical Illustration

Kay is a very talented botanical artist who has won several awards. She approached me to create a web site for her that would showcase her artwork and, in the future, sell prints.

I arranged her domain name purchase, hosting and design and worked closely with her to give her a site she was very happy with.

For a look at the whole site visit :-

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Steve Abbott - Silhouette cutter

Steve Abbott is one of only 6 practicing silhouette cutters in the UK and also collects old and unusual silhouette art.
He is also an accomplished watercolour painter who enjoys teaching these skills to others and manages to fill his lessons with a passion and enthusiasm for art that makes it a delight to learn.

His specifically designed site allows him to market his numerous skills and allows people to contact him for bookings.

For a look at the whole site visit :-

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Mike Warren - Wildlife Artist & Designer

Mike Warren is a well respected artist who has been working since 1972 creating art with a strong individual style.

His pictures are painted with acrylics or watercolours on pure rag paper.

He has done a lot of work for the RSPB and also the Post Office where he designed a range of stamps.

For a look at the whole site visit :-

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