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Shown in the image below is a selection of equipment that I use as I create my artwork. I thought someone might find it helpful to know what I use and what for.


Pencil wrap from Derwent pencils, very handy for keeping pencils safe if transporting them to use elsewhere.


Battery operated eraser, great for erasing small areas as you can be very precise with it.
These can be bought from www.artifolk.co.uk

Used ballpoint pen that no longer works. I use this to do impressed lines before putting coloured pencil over the top to give me cats whiskers or my signature.
Lyra blender pencil, made from clear wax to blend colour together and give a smooth finish called burnishing. Not everyone likes to burnish, that is down to personal choice, it is not something I do very often.
Putty eraser, handy for removing large areas but can be very hard on your paper. You can also use things like blutack in the same way.
Frisket paper, clear low tack paper for removing unwanted pencil but you can see through it enabling you to remove very precisely. Can be found at www.discountgraphic.co.uk
Masking tape works like frisket paper too but is less accurate due to not being able to see through it as clearly. Great for removing large areas of unwanted pigment.
Pencil sharpeners are a must as you get a better finish if your pencil is always sharp. I use an electric one at home but take a small one if traveling. You can also get battery operated ones but make sure it is a screw type one and not a standard pencil sharpener with a motor. See www.artifolk.co.uk
Pencil extenders are handy as they allow you to keep using your pencil right down to the stub.
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