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Dave Richards
I grew up with pencils and paper always to hand and was encouraged to paint and draw by my parents. However,I pursued a career in Engineering, and have no formal art training. Many years later I renewed my interest in art, starting with watercolours and then pastels. More recently I have enjoyed pen and ink, and graphite work with a more realistic, detailed approach which is more my natural style.
The desire to introduce more colour into my work took me through watercolour washes and then to coloured pencils. It is viewing coloured pencil art online at UKCPS, and later other sites, that I became aware of many very talented artists and the incredible results they achieve with coloured pencils. For me this is a medium which allows the precise control and detail and achieves amazing richness of colour.    Email: david.t.richards@btopenworld.com

Jenny Roberts
I never really thought of myself as an artist, just a doodler. I started to use my childrens pencils due to the fact that the house was quiet and I was bored. My friend saw what I had done, liked it, and insisted on helping me out with decent pencils and good paper. I was hooked and now I work with Karismas and Lana paper.
I have taken a couple of courses and try to experiment with different subjects to push myself but I still love to do landscapes and enjoy being in the countryside gathering inspiritation for my work.

I still insist I am a doodler though.

Lynn Roberts
I am an art historian specializing in the history of picture frames, and also a commercial/fine artist.
I specialize in highly finished coloured pencil drawings: portraits & caricatures, flower & subject paintings. I also work in oils & acrylic, watercolour & pen-&-ink.
I am also an art historian, researching & writing on the history of picture frames, of all periods from the 14th to 20th century.
Website: www.lynnroberts.co.uk

Sophie Roger
I paint under the acronym "RÇ", which stands for Çaufy Roger. I am French but I have lived in England since 1986.
I very rarely draw from nature or photographs. I let my imagination run wild, even though I do not produce abstract images. All my work is figurative or symbolic.
I have used and loved coloured pencils since I started drawing. As nobody had told me that coloured pencils were only "kid's crayons", I have always treated them as a serious medium which demands much patience and skill. In my mind medium has no importance with regards to how precious a piece of artwork is. What matters is the artist's sincere commitment to what they do.
I am a Founder Member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society and currently the Treasurer.     Email:sophieroger@redcloud.co.uk    Website: www.redcloud.co.uk

Maxine Rooke
I left school in the 60's with, amongst other achievements, 'O' level Art. Painting
in one form or another has been an on and off hobby for over 30 years, primarily in oils until about 5 years ago, when my husband treated me to a huge box of Faber Castell Coloured Pencils from a shop in Bournemouth.
Since then oils have taken second place, and my efforts have gathered pace, even selling a couple, and also was commissioned to sketch a set of compliments cards by a gite owner in the Dordogne. All had to be varied French scenes - what a challenge! But they were delighted - and so I was I!
My Art teacher's remark was 'Keep Drawing' - I'm doing my best!
Email: rookemax@aol.com

Maria Rostock
For as long as I care to remember I have had a pencil in my hand. While other children were out playing, I was drawing, swapping portraits of pop/film stars for sweets. As a mature student in my thirties, I went back to college and gained my GCSE nd A Grade, A Level qualifications in Art and Design. I later gained my Diploma in Design Fashion and Textiles, but my first love was drawing and that never waned. I started drawing again and was persuaded to hold my first exhibition, this was entitled Shades of Grey, Wildlife Portraits in Pencil. The exhibition gained me many commissions. This allowed me to return to my work with coloured pencils. Although my greatest love is still wild animals, due to demand I have been specializing in pet portraits especially dogs.
Email: mariarostock2001@yahoo.co.uk
Website: http://www.taffy-diecast.com/marias%20showcase.htm

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