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A little bit about me Blooming Lily

For as long as I can remember, throughout my childhood, I could be found with a pencil in my hand covering every scrap of paper with pictures. My parents encouraged me to draw as much as they could and, in my teens, I became well known for painting birds and even sold quite a few.

When I left home I stopped painting birds but I spent many years airbrushing fantasy pictures on to bike tanks and motorcycle helmets but I felt I was missing something. Gradually I painted less and less until I was lucky if I managed one or two pieces a year. To keep creating, I moved over to digital art where my skills with Photoshop got me a web design job.

While I was looking for images for a project I discovered the UKCPS site and that was the catalyst for getting back into serious art. I was blown away by what I saw and decided to try it for myself.

I fished out my old box of Derwent pencils and had a go but I wasn't impressed with the result. Derwent pencils were just too hard and chalky for me so it was back to the drawing board. After more research on the net I read about Karisma pencils and their qualities and bought a set with money given as a Christmas present. I was hooked, I loved their vibrant colour and smoothness.

Dappled Carousel horseI bought all the books I could find and visited web sites like Wet Canvas and Scribble talk. I also did a couple of courses with Bob Ebdon (the founder of the UKCPS) to improve my skills and I got back my enthusiasm for art that I thought I had lost. I loved the convenience of coloured pencil and the fact that it was grabbing people's attention as they couldn't believe that the work I was showing them was done with such a humble media.

I have now been working in pencil since 2004 and have come on in leaps and bounds. To date, I have exhibited up and down the UK and continue to improve and promote coloured Pencil as a serious art media. I have also started to fill commissions which have been well received.

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